La viticulture ou le travail des vignes tout au long de l'année 🌱

" "And after the harvest, what is the work of a winegrower?" "This type of phrase, Estelle has heard it many times! Today, we take you behind the scenes a busy schedule throughout the year to pamper the vines of Berru in Champagne.

☃️ Winter

Estelle prunes the vines and enriches the soil.

It eliminates dead wood, as well as the stems that grow at the base of old wood in order to limit the excessive growth of the plant and to regulate the production of grapes. Soil enrichment involves plowing and providing nutrients such as minerals.

🌱 Spring

Estelle maintains her vineyard, replaces dead plants, debunks by selecting the most fertile shoots and continues to work the soil. Then comes the stage of training, an essential technique for the ripening of the grapes. The branches are "" arranged "" manually around the wires which run through the vines and separated so that the grapes fully blossom. The threads will be brought up as the vines unfold, climbing like lianas around.

☀️ Summer

Last straight line before the harvest. Tillage is also not recommended during this period. Estelle tackles the work of trimming in order to aerate the clusters of their leaves and to promote their exposure to the sun of the clusters. It monitors the maturity of the grapes to anticipate the organization of the harvest and the recruitment of grape pickers.

🍇 (The harvest)

They take place in September, when the grapes reach their degree of maturity. A team of 20 to 30 pickers are recruited depending on the year over a period of 2 weeks. In Champagne, the harvest must be done manually because the best grapes must be selected.

🍂 Autumn

Estelle is already preparing for winter! To be properly protected from freezing, the vines are covered with soil to keep them warm. During this season, most of the time is devoted to the vinification of champagne as well as to the preparation of the end-of-year celebrations and the marketing of the following year.

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